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High Intensity Strength Training (HIST)

Winter Strength Training Program 4 Cyclists

  Competitive Cyclist? Receive 15% off our regular workout prices with the commitment to 6 months of winter strength training twice a week. Receive 3 complimentary Dexafit full body composition scans: at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end of your training.

Winter is a huge opportunity for a cyclist to focus on strength training. Instead of looking at these months as a period of indoor drudgery or outdoor misery, look at them as the period where you can focus on shoring up your weaknesses and building on your strengths as a new season approaches.

Cyclists receive the following specific benefits from their strength training workouts:

  • Strong core musculature decreases energy leaks.
  • Greater fatigue resistance during long rides.
  • Increased the effective range of motion for your muscles allows you to get more power from your pedal stroke.
  • Greater function and reduced chance of injury from off-bike activities. Prevention of upper body muscle loss.

Develop your Core Strength using functional, compound, isotonic, and isometric exercises. Correct muscular imbalance and recover from muscle overuse and associated neck and lower-back pain. Our medical-grade exercise machines are specifically designed to strengthen cervical (neck), thoracic (chest, abdominal), lumbar (low-back) regions of the spine. Take comfort knowing that your posture can be dramatically improved with the correct exercise protocol.

What are the experts saying?

Joe Friel (2015) Fast After 50: How to Race Strong for the Rest of Your Life. p.170.

"There are two reasons you should do high-load strength training workouts year around. The first is that it has been shown in most of the research to improve performance in experienced athletes, both male and female, and in variety of endurance sports. The second reason is that it has the potential to slow or stop the aging-related loss of muscle mass."

Tom Danielson et al. (2013) Core Advantage: Core Strength for Cycling's Winning Edge p.3.

"The truth is, core strength may not instantly make you a better citizen, but it will definitely make you a better cyclist. A regular regimen of core strength exercises will train your muscles and joints to work at their highest efficiency [...]. A strong core will stabilize your muscle paths to improve your transmission of power from your hips and legs to the pedals of your bike. Core strength will also improve your acceleration [...]; it will also make a significant difference in the hundreds of big and small accelerations that occur constantly in a fast-moving pace line or group. Additionally, solid core strength will improve your climbing and descending skills."

Matt Fitzgerald (2012) Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance p.9.

"By far the most common training mistake in all endurance sports is insufficient intensity variation - specifically a tendency to do almost all training at moderate intensity. However, the best results come from a program in which roughy 80 percent of training is easy, 10 percent is moderate, and 10 percent is hard. [...] avoid training mistakes, such as insufficient strength training, that limit improvement in performance and body composition."

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We offer 1-1 personal training on medical grade exercise equipment. You can significantly increase your strength without adding large amounts of muscle. Increasing your strength will improve your endurance, power production, and resilience to injury. The best way to build strength is by training for absolute strength: heavier weights, low repetitions, and longer rests.

Our expertise is slow motion, high intensity Strength Training, also known as Super-Slow protocol or Body By Science "Big Five" workout. Full body strength training workout in our private gym takes only 20 min twice a week. By appointment only.

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