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We offer 1-1 personal training on medical grade exercise equipment. Our expertise is slow motion, high intensity Strength Training, also known as Super-Slow protocol or Body By Science "Big Five" workout.

Our research-based program is ideal for men and women over 40. At this point many start experiencing muscle loss, osteopenia, osteoporosis, while facing higher rates of injury and chronic pain from the conventional exercises like running or crossfit. Weight-bearing exercises and strength training are the only known medication-free treatment for loss of muscle and bone density. Our specialized equipment and a low-momentum protocol are safe for all age groups, making it an ideal life-long exercise program.

Five days a week of sweaty cardio is not the only way to maintain your body. The center of metabolic health is not the heart and cardiovascular system; it is the muscle system. Thousands of men and women choose Strength Training to build healthy lean muscle and achieve metabolic conditioning.

Rethink your cardio workouts. Strength Training is ideal for all fitness levels, all age groups, and most health conditions. Be stronger and healthier, feel better with more energy for daily life.

Our Strength Training Program

Our exercise program is based on the book Body By Science from Doug McGuff and John Little. You may have heard of it as The Big-Five Workout. Doug runs his own training facility. Over the years many thousand exercise sessions were delivered to male and female clients, many aged 55+. It has proven safe and effective, with numerous medical research studies confirming the results.

The program consists of isolated and compound exercises, latter involving rotation around several joint axes and recruiting several muscular groups per exercise. Unlike what you see in a typical gym, in our program we do only one repetition on each machine and muscle group. We also move weights very slowly. This technique of moving weight very slowly in just one continuous repetition is known as Super Slow™. It was discovered, documented, and trademarked by Ken Hutchins in late 80's early 90's.

Watch this great video by McKerrin Kelly describing Super Slow and showcasing one complete exercise on Chest Press machine.

In each 20 min session once or twice a week you work on 5-7 different machines. No shower is required because no perspiration is produced. Each session delivers a complete workout for your entire body. Your progress is supervised, precisely measured and documented by a personal trainer.

Momentary muscle fatigue produced by the exercise is a very powerful stimulus. In response -- your body will rebuild stronger, denser muscle for several days after the workout. The entire body will be actively working to adjust to a new stimulus, including the immune, endocrine, cardiovascular, muscular, and nervous systems. This metabolic conditioning and broad health benefits it brings is unique to strength training. It can't be achieved by the cardio or other types of workout.

Scientific Method

Management pioneer Peter Drucker is often quoted as saying that “you can't manage what you can't measure.” Drucker means that you can't know whether or not you are successful unless success is defined and tracked.

Same applies to fitness. We precisely measure your strength on every machine, while you exercise -- every time. What other studio or trainer does? With us you will always definitely know when you are making progress.

See below Pavel's progress on abdominal crunch machine over the 18 months time period. X-axis shows the resistance weight in pounds, required to achieve momentary muscle failure in about 120 seconds. Y-axis shows the date of exercise session.

We also partner closely with DexaFit. Their 3D body scanners reveal the precise amount of fat, bone, and lean muscle in your body, including the dangerous fat around your vital organs. DexaFit scans can help you precisely track the progress of your diet (in losing fat) and strength training (in gaining muscle and bone density).

See below Pavel's DexaFit 3D scan results of gaining 2.2 pounds of muscle, while loosing 8.7 pounds of fat over the period of 2 months. During this time Pavel used our regular exercise program with 2 exercise sessions per week, 30 minutes per session, covering 7 exercise machines per session.

We have a lot of experience. We will help you to understand your own body and to improve it. Strength Training is ideal for all fitness levels, all age groups, and most health conditions.

Client Testimonies

Adaptive Workouts is under the direct control of the trainers-founders. We don't have to answer to executives or shareholders. Our only concern -- is our clients and their results.

Alex V: [ on Google ]

"Pavel & Olga take an engineer's approach to strength training –- if you don't know about the Body By Science approach, look it up, this is the best BBS gym i've trained at—it's really the only way to go! I go 2-3x a month and have seen great progress. You won't ever go back to another form of personal "training" again...highly recommended!"

Anna V: [ on Yelp ]

"Great place for strength training! I am active in hiking, biking, swimming and other recreational activities, but not a gym activist. Comparing with regular gym exercises, this place is focused on intense strength training that are safe and quick. Olga helped me realize the importance of this training: maintaining and growing my muscles. She guided me thru all machines and motivated me for hardworking exercises. Olga's personal training sessions are quick but very intense, so I feel much better muscle tone as a result."

Dmitriy B: [ on FB ]

"I have done a lot of weight lifting in the past and spent many hours in a gym but I have never seen such an effective strength training exercise routine. Olga pushes me to the limit every time and under her supervision I get impactful training in fraction of time it used to take in a conventional gym. I like the exercise because the risk of injury is very low. It is very important when you start working with serous weights. I love personal training session and the science behind the workout!"

Elizabeth RP: [ on Yelp ]

"Have been looking for a truly effective strength-building workout for a while -- finally found just the right one! It works (based on real science). It is quick. It is safe. Perfect for any age, but especially for the mature age."

Aparna K: [ on Yelp ]

"This has been by far the most revolutionary workout regimen I have seen. I have been enrolled in a gym for years and have tried many different routines like zumba, TRX, cross-fit etc but this has been the most effective and efficient in getting a full body workout in the shortest amount of time. Olga is an amazing trainer. I love the constant positive reinforcement and reminder to use the right posture when exercising. At this point I am addicted to this workout and I don't see myself going back to my old routine. The workout is intense but I feel great the rest of the day!"

Josh P: [ on Yelp ]

"I love the super slow workout system, incredibly efficient way to work your muscles. The science, the efficiency, the maximum impact for the effort all really appeal to the engineer in me. Olga is a tremendous coach and trainer, she knows the system and the equipment and provides the right encouragement at the right moment to eek out just a bit more, all the while being watchful of my health and making sure I don't get any injuries. I give Adaptive Workouts my highest recommendation and my wife has joined up as well and loves it as much as I do. The 30 minute workouts fit into our busy schedule perfectly."

Anna L: [ on Yelp ]

"I initially chose this workout system a year ago because it's the only exercise that only fits into my crazy schedule - 30 min twice a week, I can fit it in my lunch break. However, I never expected such impressive results - my muscles are so much more defined, and I actually feel stronger. Olga is amazing coach - her energy, professionalism, and humor motivate me to do what I wouldn't have done on my own. I would highly recommend trying it out - you will love the results!"

Allie RV: [ on Google ]

"I loved working out with Olga! She is so knowledgeable about health and the human body and how our muscles work. It was a 30 min workout and you DO NOT even sweat but you will feel the burn ALL over after!! It definitely showed me how I need to properly train my body and take care of it. I highly recommend Olga. Great customer service, she is there to guide you and push you through the whole workout! Will def be going back!"

Kristen C: [ on FB ]

"Quick and effective workouts. Olga is fantastic...highly recommend."

The influence of the personal trainer has a huge effect on the outcome: "one-on-one training is an effective method for changing attitudes; impressive 73% of the clients showed upward movement after the 10-week intervention". [ # ]

Our Strength Training Equipment

At Adaptive Workouts we use high quality medical grade exercise equipment by Nautilus. These are state-of-the art low friction strength training machines. Each is uniquely fitted to the resistance curve of a specific muscle group.

We have five machines for the upper body strength exercises.

Chest Press for Pectoralis Major, Pectoralis Minor, Anterior Deltoid, and Triceps. Converging, dependant movement arms allow increased range of movement. Dual grip positions allow for a varied workout.

Shoulder Press for Deltoids and Triceps. Front press movement with converging arms reduces undesired strain on shoulder joints and minimizes shoulder impingement.

Tricep Extension for Triceps. Independent movement arms for a balanced workout. Lower movement arm axis allows maximum triceps contraction.

Row for Latissimus Dorsi, Trapezious, Rhomboids, Teres Major and Minor, Posterior Deltoids, and Biceps. Rotating Ergo Grip handles for natural hands supination and pronation. Four bar function generator matches the user strength curve.

Lat Pull Down for Latissimus Dorsi and Biceps. Rotating Ergo Grip handles for natural hand supination and pronation which reduces stress at the wrist.

We have four machines for the lower body strength exercises.

Leg Press for Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Gluteus. Maximum muscle involvement with minimum knee and back stress. Four-bar linkage technology controls position and angle of foot platform and provides optimal biomechanics.

Leg Extension for Quadriceps. Maximum range extension while maintaining proper knee alignment. Reclined seat angle promotes full range quadriceps contraction.

Seated Leg Curl for Hamstrings. Advanced coupled movement arm technology enables proper knee axis alignment throughout movement.

Leg Abduction, Adduction for Hip Adductors and Abductors. Correct, uncompromising strength curve for both adduction and abduction movements. Adjustable range of motion for customization to individual user needs.

We have four machines for the core strength exercises.

Four-Way Neck for neck extension, flexion and lateral exercises. The forehead pad is made of visco-elastic foam that forms to your forehead; this eliminates the pressure on your face. Strengthening the neck is essential in reducing injuries for athletes.

Lower Back for Erector Spinae. The only full range lumbar isolated machine that emulates the function of rotation around multiple vertebrae. Contoured lower back pad allows full range extension.

Abdominal Crunch for Abdominals. Four-bar linkage on upper movement arm provides a moving axis of rotation around the thoracic region of the spine for ultimate user feel.

Rotary Torso for Internal and External Obliques.

Functional Training

Functional training is a type of exercise, which involves training the body for the activities performed in daily life. Functional training has its origins in rehabilitation. Physical and occupational therapists and chiropractors often use this approach to retrain patients with movement disorders. For example, exercises that mimic what patients did at home or work may be included in treatment in order to help them return to their lives or jobs after an injury or surgery.

We use TuffStuff’s Evolution Series Dual Stack Functional Trainer (MFT-2700). It offers extreme versatility and enables our clients to perform an unlimited number of functional fitness, sport specific, bodybuilding and rehabilitation exercises.

Full Body Vibration

At Adaptive Workouts we also offer G17 Pro full body vibration machine by Hypervibe. Research suggests a reduced risk of osteoporosis & increased strength with a whole body vibration machine. You'll love our power plate! With up to 17 G's of acceleration, the G17 Pro whole body vibration plate is a powerhouse! It supplements our Nautilus One fleet perfectly.

Please review full body vibration health precautions & recommendations, if you are considering this type of exercise.

Our Exercise Videos

We exercise exclusively in our own studio following the same program we offer to our clients: two short exercise sessions a week. Above are some of our actual workout videos. Note that while the videos cover many exercises -- we never do them all at once, just 5-7 selected exercises per session.

Rethink your cardio workouts. Strength Training is ideal for all fitness levels, all age groups, and most health conditions. Be stronger and healthier, feel better with more energy for daily life.

Our Strength Trainers

Polly Meyer, SafeStrength™ Trainer, Original Strength™ Certified Coach

After experiencing the benefit of slow motion strength training herself, Polly was excited for the opportunity to become a certified trainer. She wanted to help other people have the same great experience she had with strength training. Every client that walks through the studio doors impresses her with their commitment and dedication to their workout and maintaining their health and fitness. What motivates her the most in helping her clients achieve their goals is supporting them in reaching their potential for strength, functionality, and the ability to enjoy life to the fullest.

Polly’s caring for people extends beyond their physical health, so when she’s not at the Adaptive Workouts studio she works as a lay counselor. Her professional background is in Corporate Travel Management, and thus, she loves to travel! She can also be found in the theater, as either a patron or a volunteer, or at the beach with her husband.

Polly became a certified SafeStrength™ Trainer in the summer of 2014. She joined Adaptive Workouts in December of 2018.

Barbara Morin, SafeStrength™ Trainer

After being diagnosed with a seizure disorder in her early 40’s, and with the early death of her mother from cancer, Barbara decided it was time to get off the couch and take better care of herself. With her focus on raising her two children with husband Tony, and growing her corporate career with an iconic, Bay Area specialty retailer, Barb took a leap of faith and signed up for a marathon with Team In Training! After 3 months of hard training, she finished the marathon, nearly last on her team, but that success propelled her into a life of fitness and wellness.

For the past 17 years, Barb has prioritized her health and fitness, a motivated gym rat who, over the years, has made weight training, HIIT, and yoga staples in her life. At age 60, Barb decided it was time to learn to swim so she could maintain her cardio fitness as she ages. As a proud sexagenarian, she’s discovered she loves to swim and is close to her goal of joining a Master’s swim team. Barb is also a devoted yogi and has a growing love for the outdoors.

It’s no coincidence that Barb fell in love with the slow motion, high intensity strength training protocol, when introduced to it. As an early retiree, developing a new career as a trainer and helping people at all levels of health build confidence to strength train means so much. It’s especially gratifying to work with clients afflicted with debilitating conditions. The clients are an inspiration to Barb and she’s truly grateful for the opportunity to work with each of them.

As a native of San Francisco, she is an avid local sports fan. In her spare time, Barb enjoys hanging with her family and 2 Chihuahuas, watching her favorite sports teams, hiking, traveling, or being in the company of her community of friends. She’s excited for all of the possibilities of life in the third chapter!

Barbara became a certified SafeStrength™ Trainer in the summer of 2017. She joined Adaptive Workouts in December of 2018.

Peter Martinez, NASM & Strength Certified Personal Trainer

Peter began his career as a Personal Trainer after injuring his leg in an accident. He was able to successfully rehabilitate himself and realized how important fitness and exercise are to everyone. He chose not to return to his prior job, but focus on career in health & fitness and return to school to study Cellular Biology.

Over the years Peter worked as personal trainer at Crunch, Equinox, and in-home training company, YouniquelyFit. He is NASM Certified Personal Trainer with  NASM Corrective Exercise Specialization. He is also certified in Functional Movement System (Level 1), TRX Functional Training, CPR/AED and is a Suspension Training Qualified Coach.

He joined Adaptive Workouts in September 2019.

Our Founders

Olga Simakova, MS, MLIS

CEO, Chief Trainer, co-Founder
ACSM Certified Trainer
SafeStrength Certified Trainer
18 years as a quality manager in high-tech
introduced to Super Slow in 2003

Dr. Pavel Simakov

President, Chief Scientist, co-Founder
22 years as a head of engineering
author at Science Magazine
currently at Google Research
introduced to Super Slow in 2003

We come from technical backgrounds, having spent 20 years each in the high-tech industry. We realized early how surprisingly difficult it is for an average adult to maintain healthy lifestyle year after year. Through the trial and error we discovered that nutritional and exercise sciences require full-time research to be applied properly.

With Olga's passion for helping others and Pavel's dedication to the quantitative research, we opened Adaptive Workouts together. We decided to focus on the high intensity strength training -- the safest and the most effective exercise currently known. Realizing that everyone's body responds differently and some people have more limitations than others, we work together to provide an individualized approach for each client.

Strength Training Benefits & Research

The health benefits of high intensity strength training are numerous. Here are selected books and introductory articles to help you conduct an independent research.

  • Though The Most Effective General Exercise Program
    A must read book "Body by Science"! Backed by rigorous research, the Dr. Doug McGuff presents a scientifically proven formula a weekly high-intensity program for increasing strength, revving metabolism, and building muscle for a total fitness experience. [link]
  • Proven Safe at All Ages, at 50+, and way beyond
    A book by an exercise expert Wayne L. Westcott, PhD. Strength training offers many benefits for active adults, including enhanced athletic performance, reduced risk of disease, and decreased symptoms of arthritis, diabetes, and osteoporosis. [link]
  • Prevents and Reverses Muscle Atrophy, Sarcopenia, and Dynapenia
    Ohio University team states that resistance exercise training should be considered a first-line treatment strategy for managing and preventing both sarcopenia and dynapenia. [link]
  • Increases Bone Mineral Density Fighting Osteopenia, and Osteoporosis
    Clinician's Guide to Prevention and Treatment of Osteoporosis recommends regular weight-bearing and muscle-strengthening exercise to maintain or improve bone strength; and reduce the risk of falls and fractures. [link]
  • Improves Lipid Profiles, LDL/HDL Cholesterol Levels
    A review of 13 published investigations assesses the evidence that aerobic exercise, resistance training and combined aerobic and resistance training positively influence cholesterol levels and the lipid profile. [link]
  • Cuts Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes
    Engaging in a regular high intensity strength training slashes risk of type 2 diabetes, and the benefit increases with the amount of strength training per week, according to new research. It's critical to work under personal trainer supervision, because home-based resistance training is not sufficient to maintain improved glycemic control. [link], [link]
  • Systematic review on strength training in Parkinson’s disease
    Strength training improves both physical parameters and quality of life parameters of Parkinson’s disease patients. [link]

Stay away from random websites when doing research online. Favor quality, peer reviewed research articles and books by established publishers. Visit [] -- US government supported, free, online search engine serving information from US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health (NIH), and National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI).

Services & Packages
8 Workouts Package
  • 1 month of two workouts a week, or
  • 2 months of one workout a week
  • must be used within 3 months from the purchase date
  • $80/session
24 Workouts Package
  • 3 month of two workouts a week, or
  • 6 months of one workout a week
  • must be used within 9 months from the purchase date
  • $75/session

All sessions are fully personalized, led by a studio instructor, and include 30 minutes of exercises time on selected machines. All services are by appointment only, no walk-ins. Once purchased, packages and individual sessions are not refundable and are subject to the Payments and Cancellation Policy.

We accept the following forms of payment:

  • personal checks: bring it with you or mail it, payable to "Adaptive Workouts"
  • all major credit cards: use Stripe mobile teminal in our office
  • PayPal: send payment to "", select "family and friends" to lower the fees
  • Zelle: send you money to (650)733-9889
  • VENMO: send money to @AdaptiveWorkouts
Forms & Documents

Here are the documents and information you will need for your first session:

  • "What to expect" information sheet link
  • new client information form and privacy policy link
  • informed consent, waiver of liability, and indemnity link
  • payments and cancellation policy link
  • services & packages price sheet link

You will be provided with the printed copies of the forms to fill out at our facility. You will receive digital copies of all the forms you sign -- for your records.

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