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High Intensity Strength Training (HIST)

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We offer 1-1 personal training on medical grade exercise equipment. Our expertise is slow motion, high intensity Strength Training, also known as Super-Slow protocol or Body By Science "Big Five" workout.

Five days a week of sweaty cardio is not the only way to maintain your body. The center of metabolic health is not the heart and cardiovascular system; it is the muscle system. Thousands of men and women choose Strength Training to build healthy lean muscle and achieve metabolic conditioning.

Rethink your cardio workouts. Strength Training is ideal for all fitness levels, all age groups, and most health conditions. Be stronger and healthier, feel better with more energy for daily life.

Get your STRENGTH TRAINING at ADAPTIVE WORKOUTS! Our personal trainers and intelligent machines strengthen your body in just 20 min once or twice a week!!!

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Our exrcise program is based on the book Body By Science from Doug McGuff and John Little. You may have heard of it as The Big-Five Workout. Doug runs his own training facility. Over the years many thousand exercise sessions were delivered to male and female clients, many aged 55+. It has proven safe and effective, with numerous medical research studies confirming the results.

The program consists of isolated and compound exercises, latter involving rotation around several joint axes and recruiting several muscular groups per exercise. Unlike what you see in a typical gym, in our program we do only one repetition on each machine and muscle group. We also move weights very slowly. This technique of moving weight very slowly in just one continuous repetition is known as Super Slow™. It was discovered, documented, and trademarked by Ken Hutchins in late 80's early 90's.

Watch this great video by McKerrin Kelly describing Super Slow and showcasing one complete exercise on Chest Press machine.



At Adaptive Workouts we use high quality medical grade exercise equipment. In each 20 min session once or twice a week you work on 5-9 different machines. No shower is required because no perspiration is produced. Each session deliveres a complete workout for your entire body. Your progress is supervised, precisely measured and documented by a personal trainer.

Momentary muscle fatigue produced by the exercise is a very powerful stimulus. In response -- your body will rebuild stronger, denser muscle for several days after the workout. The entire body will be actively working to adjust to a new stimulus, including the immune, endocrine, cardiovascular, muscular, and nervous systems. This metabolic conditioning and broad health benefits it brings is unique to strength training. It can't be achieved by the cardio or other types of workout.


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